Best Gas Pressure Washer Reviews

Duromax XP3100PWT
PSI: 3,100
GPM: 2.5
Includes 6 Nozzles!

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot
PSI: 3,100
GPM: 2.5
Has a Kink Resistant Hose!

Generac 6596
PSI: 2,800
GPM: 2.5
Includes 4 Nozzle Tips!

Generac 6602
PSI: 2,800
GPM: 2.8
Features a 4-in-1 PowerDial!

Generac 6595
PSI: 2,500
GPM: 2.3
Ergonomic Handle!

Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot
PSI: 3,200
GPM: 2.8
With PowerBoost Technology!

Generac 6598
PSI: 3,100
GPM: 2.7
Has a 30′ Hose!

Powerstroke PS80519
PSI: 2,200
GPM: 2.0
Ultra Compact Frame!

All You Need to Know About Gas Powered Pressure Washer Reviews

Gas powered pressure cleaners cost more than electric, but they are more powerful, durable and suited to cleaning tasks where a power supply cannot be found. Therefore, professional cleaning services still make use of gas powered pressure cleaners. Nowadays, we can also find gas washers that are compact in design and suited for residential use. Those who already own a lawn mower or any other tool that’s gas powered are familiar with how a gas powered device functions.

What should you look for when buying a gas powered pressure washer?


Gas pressure washers need fuel because they have an internal combustion engine, just like a regular gas powered automobile. The engine used in its system makes up most of the weight of the entire system – which is about 20 pounds. Therefore, gas pressure cleaners are also bigger than electric pressure cleaners. The size gets even bigger if the storage capacity for the spray nozzle and pressure gun is more. Engine size is also given in cubic centimeter units, which describes the volume of the combustion unit the pressure washer is producing. If the size is bigger in terms of cubic centimeters than the engine, the washer is more powerful. Our gas pressure washer reviews make this clear, as we know the importance of making sure your machine fits your needs.

Cleaning power

Cleaning power can be mathematically defined as the product of water pressure and water flow rate. A unit with a 3100 PSI and flow rate of 3 GPM has a cleaning power of 9300. Similarly, a unit with 4000 PSI and 2.325 GPM flow rate has a cleaning power of 9300.

Type of starter

Recoil starters were used to start the early models of gas powered pressure cleaners and they are still available in the market today. Electric starters can start the engine more easily and effortlessly than recoil starters, but they are more expensive than the recoil starters.

Water temperature

Hot water cleaning is essential for cleaning difficult stains and strongly bonded grime. Gas pressure cleaners have a built in boiler with a heating coil in order to heat up the water for hot water cleaning. The water temperatures can be raised to about 50 degrees Celcius. Keep reading our gas pressure washer reviews to learn more.

Frame type

The bigger the frame size, the more powerful the gas pressure washer. They are designed to be bigger than electric power washers especially to compensate for the big engine and pump systems. Frames should ideally be made of strong and durable material such as steel. The entire unit will undergo heavy vibrations as the engine is started. During cleaning these vibrations can interrupt the operation. This is why most gas powered machines have a vibration monitor system built in.


Gas pressure cleaners have to be moved around when they are used for cleaning different areas, so it is important to consider their mobility. Pneumatic tires can be used for heavy operations.

Fuel storage

Gasoline can be stored for 4 months maximum inside a gas can. Pressure washers powered by gas must be kept empty when they are stored or not used for cleaning. Adding stabilizer to the fuel tank will also help to keep the machine in good condition. This is due to the fact that stored gasoline deteriorates under seasonal change and causes issues with ignition in the combustion chamber. When using gas pressure cleaner after a long time, always fill your machine with fresh fuel.

Type of pump

Basically, there are only two types of pumps – direct drive pumps and belt drive pumps. A direct drive pump is very compact and inexpensive. It can’t be used consecutively for more than five hours per day as it will overheat. A direct drive pump can be very noisy as it vibrates while working.

A belt drive pump is much bulkier, as it needs more space to accommodate the belt mechanism. It also requires some attention maintenance-wise and can be less efficient if not maintained well. The main advantage is that with a belt drive pump, the engine and pump becomes more durable as the belt absorbs the vibration. It also doesn’t overheat and can be operated at lower temperatures.

Keep reading our gas pressure washer reviews to learn more about prices.


Only some gas pressure washers are available at prices under $300, mostly from brands like Generac and medium-duty units. The most popular type of gas washers are priced between $300 and $500. Gas cleaners falling in that price range can power through most heavy duty tasks. Gas cleaners in this price range can be two to three times more powerful than a regular electric washer.

More powerful pressure washers are available at prices upward of $500, but that may be too much for most regular cleaning applications. Most people who would purchase a pressure washer at this price are heavy duty cleaners or ship owners. They have about 4000 PSI with a flow rate of 4 GPM. Therefore, their cleaning power is about 16,000 units.


Warranty is a very standard marketing or service term for all brands of gas pressure cleaners. Most engines are given a warranty of about two years. The remaining parts of a unit can be given a warranty of one year. Little items such as hoses and nozzles may not be covered by warranty, but they can be replaced if they are damaged within three months.

Warranties only apply to machines that haven’t been heavily damaged. Anything that has physical abuse to it will not be replaced.

Affordable gas pressure cleaner

Generac’s 2500 PSI unit is the most affordable model of any gas powered pressure cleaner in our opinion. They have sufficient power for most common cleaning operations, but it cannot be used for heavy duty operations. If you’re looking for something with some real power, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

It’s one of the best models in the industry partly because of its tire design and mobility. It is compact and more suitable for household cleaning applications. Other than Generac’s model, the next best value pressure washer is the Simpson PowerShot 3,200 PSI, which can be used for most intermediate operations. For heavy duty operations, one may need a heavy duty machine with a belt-drive pump such as the Pressure Pro 4,000 PSI.

If you still have questions after reading about the best gas pressure washers, feel free to reach out to us. We are the experts when it comes to gas pressure washer reviews, so don’t stress!